Ortho Tech Walk Straights

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Product Description

Ortho-Tech Walk Straights Unsightly run-over heels and rapid, uneven wear-down of shoe soles can be caused by normal aging or improper physical body and limb alignment. Whatever the reason, you may be putting excessive strain on your bones and joints. This can result in pain and discomfort. Ortho-Tech Walk Straights give your heels comfort while reducing uneven shoe wear. Their innovative gel construction allows the wedge to compress with each step and absorb shock. They are specially designed to improve foot posture and relieve stress on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Ortho-Tech Walk Straights correct run-over heels, compensate for incorrect walking habits, relieve heel, foot and low back pain. They eliminate unsightly shoe sole wear.

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Ortho-Tech Walk Straights