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Dancing Insoles

Product Description

These insoles are for a dancer’s comfort and support. Dancers have unique pressure points in their feet that they use while dancing. This orthotic insole is designed to provide special support for your unique dancing needs.

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DanceMaster Insoles Dance pad

Insole Features

Dancing Insole Diagram

A The strong, polyurethane foam base material is specially designed to be durable and lightweight. This advanced technology supports repetitive foot motion and improves agility.

B The unique dance point pad™ is a specially designed, supportive layer of polyurethane foam material positioned directly under your dance point™ located just behind the ball of your foot. During dancing, your dance point™ is highly stressed and fatigued as you repeatedly push off, twirl, swing, rock back and forth, and move from side-to-side and foot-to-foot. Fatigue, soreness, cramping and even bruising can result. The orthotic dance point pad™ gives you extra cushion to protect your dance point™ and extra rebound for your active dance moves.

C The arch area is shock absorbent with a molded arch support for extra comfort and support. It prevents your arch from falling and holds your foot in its natural alignment for added stability.

D The deep cushioned heel cup has high sidewalls that contour to the natural shape of your foot. This posts and stabilizes your heel to reduce friction that results from lateral foot movement.

E The reinforced metatarsal orthotic support provides deep cushioned for the ball of your foot. It gently spreads the metatarsal pads on the bottom of your foot to keep them from cramping. The orthotic support also lifts your metatarsal pads to prevent bruising with extra cushion and comfort.

F The polyester top covering gives maximum comfort and health to your foot. The polyester fabric is breathable to circulate air throughout your shoe and ventilate your foot. The fabric is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Its porous texture wicks away moisture for better foot health and comfort.