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FootMatters Stabilizer Insoles are specially designed orthotic insoles for wider and loose-fitting men’s and women’s footwear. Our Stabilizer Insoles provide arch support and absorbing material that help prevent foot pain, heel pain, and lower back pain. The Stabilizer Insoles are ideal for active people who enjoy running, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. The Stabilizer Insoles are made from anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, and odor repelling materials. Just slip the Stabilizer Insoles into your shoes and start running!

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Stabilizer Orthotics

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Orthotic Features

Running Insole Diagram

A This insole’s unique design starts with the nylon shell providing a supportive yet flexible foundation for your foot as you walk or run. The nylon shell is specially bonded to the polyurethane carriage to integrate into the insole’s exterior shape. The shell is ¾ length to adds support, strength and stability to the insole, while not inhibiting the healthy freedom of your natural foot mechanics. The shell’s thickness and material density have been designed to accommodate proper fit of the insole from foot to foot and shoe to shoe.

B The upper carriage is molded polyurethane to absorb your foot’s weight and cushion its step. The carriage material has excellent rebound characteristics to launch your next step and reduce fatigue. The material’s density and compression features add durability and help the insole maintain its original thickness and design characteristics even after extended wear. The carriage material is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for better foot health and comfort.

C The carriage has a polyester top covering for maximum comfort and health of your foot. The polyester fabric is breathable to circulate air throughout your shoe and ventilate your foot. The fabric is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Its porous texture wicks away moisture for better foot health and comfort.

D The arch area prevents your arch from falling and holds your foot in its natural alignment for added stability.

E The insole’s deep cushioned heel cup is supported by the nylon shell and has sidewalls that contour to the natural shape of your foot. It also has an embedded gel heel pad to reduce heel shock. The density of the polyurethane material provides deep cushioning so the heel cup can absorb your foot’s shock forces with each step you take. The heel cup’s sidewalls are firmer from the added support and cradling of the outer nylon shell. This posts and stabilizes your heel to reduce friction that
results from lateral foot movement.

F The heel cup has a shock absorbing gel plug that passes through the top and bottom surfaces for additional support and cushioning. This lets the insole give the lowest part of the heel the most cushioning.