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FootMatters Arch Support Cushions - Comfort Spandex Gel Pads - 1 Pair


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What Are FootMatters Arch Support Cushions?

FootMatters arch support cushions are silicone gel pad attached to a spandex sleeve, the sleeve fits around your foot to hold the gel pad in place under your arches. The gel padding completely fills the gap under your arch for pain relief and support, they are intended to also be worn under socks and in shoes for all-day support. One size fits most design.

What Are The Benefits Of Using FootMatters Arch Support Cushions?

FootMatters arch support cushions relieve pain and provide proper foot arch support.
Proper foot arch support can help prevent and relieve pain related to plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, sore tired feet and more.

FootMatters Arch Support Cushions Can Provide Relief From These Ailments.

- Sore Feet, Tired Feet, Arch Pain
- Plantar Fasciitis, Fallen Arches
- Lower extremity pain caused as a result of poor alignment

FootMatters Arch Support Cushions Cleaning And Care.

FootMatters arch support cushions may be worn on either foot when placing on make sure the smallest part of the gel pad is closer to the front of your foot and the thickest part is closer to your heel.

Hand washable with warm water and mild soap, air dry.

Package includes

Two arch support cushions and also a mesh wash bag.

FootMatters Manufacturer Guarantee!

100% Money-back - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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  • For sore feet, callus, arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis
  • For shoes, sandals, barefoot, socks
  • Fits under the arch area
  • Spandex support and gel arch cushions
  • Nude color fashion; One size fits all; 1 pair pack; Includes mesh bag for washing
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