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FootMatters Gel Ball of Foot Cushions - Self-Sticking & Re-Usable Metatarsal Pads - 3 pair value pack


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Gel Soft Steppers Metatarsal Pads are specially designed to take pressure off of the different pressure points in your feet. Gel Soft Steppers stop the burning sensation that you may feel in the balls of your feet after extended periods of being on your feet. Gel Soft Steppers Metatarsal Pads are made with a clear gel that gives you cool comfort. Gel Soft Steppers Metatarsal Pads are easy to install and provide a non-slip grip that prevents them from sliding off after you install them. Gel Soft Steppers Metatarsal Pads can prevent aches and pains associated with conditions such as Metatarsalgia, Tendonitis, Diabetes, Morton's Neuroma and other types of foot pain. Great gift for bridal parties, proms and more! The gel steppers have an adhesive backing, if adhesive weakens wash with mild soap and water, when dry the adhesive will be strong again.
  • Stops burning and pain in balls of your feet!
  • Easy to install unisex gel pads
  • Clear gel for cool comfort and style
  • Value pack - 3 pairs!
  • 100% Manufacturer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
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