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FootMatters Essence of Cedar Sachets - Natural Fresh Cedar Aromamatic Scent - Freshener for Shoes, Closet, Car, Travel Bags - 6 Pack


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What Is FootMatters Natural Fresh Cedar Aromatic Scent Sachets?

FootMatters Natural Fresh Cedar Aromatic Scent Sachets are small cotton bags filled with cedar wood chips, the small cedar sachets provide a rich aroma of cedar wood wherever you may place them.

What Are The Benefits Of Using FootMatters Natural Fresh Cedar Aromatic Scent Sachets?

- FootMatters Essence of cedar sachets help absorbs odor and moisture
- Cedar sachets can be hung in your closet to help repel moths and save your clothing.
- Cedar sachets can be placed in your closet, boots, shoes, drawers, or your sports bag and
you will experience a natural fresh Cedar aroma and remove moisture.
- Small and discrete Cedar sachets can be placed anywhere in your home to bring a
fresh Cedar fragrance to your home.

FootMatters Natural Fresh Cedar Aromatic Scent Sachets Features.

- Freshens your home with all natural ingredients.
- Absorbs odor and moisture.
- 3 x 4 inch small and convenient sachet bags, allow them to be placed almost anywhere.
- The order includes 6 cedar sachets.

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  • Filled with odor & damp absorbing cedar chips to prevent & eliminate odor
  • Made from breathable cotton, allowing moisture to easily absorb & dissipate
  • Bring the fresh scent of cedar into your home, shoes, closets, travel bags, lockers and more
  • Moisture absorption helps to prevent mold and mildew buildup
  • 6 Essence of Cedar Sachets Included



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