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JobSite Boot Dryer - Silent Shoe Dryer & Warmer For Work Boots, Gloves & Shoes - Fanless Convection Dry - Helps Reduce Odor

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  • COZY DRY EVERY MORNING - Step into warm, dry footwear every morning. Dries wet boots, shoes or gloves safely overnight with fanless thermal air that rises naturally without over-drying or shrinking.
  • HELPS REDUCE ODORS – Keeping your boots, shoes, and gloves dry is the key to keeping them stink-free. Dry time Warm-up (30 mins); Damp (8 hours); Wet (12 hours).
  • SILENT DRY - Safe, Silent, Simple. Zero noise, convection heater with no fan, motor, or moving parts. Energy efficient heat uses less electricity than most light bulbs (36 Watts).
  • GREAT FOR - Heavy duty boot dryer for work boots, kids boots & sport shoes, boxing gloves, leather boots, rubber boots, running shoes, hiking boots, ski & snowboard boot liners, winter gloves & socks.
  • TRUSTED BRAND - Includes a 2-Year Warranty. Built tough like you by 'The Brand That Works'.

Our Jobsite Silent Boot Dryer is the perfect electric drying warmer machine to rack your boots, shoes, or gloves on each night so you can step into cozy, warm footwear in the morning. If you're a guy or gal with sweaty, perspiring work boots that are wet, cold, and stinky in the morning, this is your solution to get dry, warm, stink-free boots so your feet can step into comfort on early, cold mornings. Great for kids coming in from playing in the rain, mud and snow. Great for runners and athletes with sweaty feet to help reduce odors that form from perspiration that lingers undried. Great for boxers to keep your boxing gloves dry and odor free. Even if your boots or shoes aren't that wet, using the Boot Dryer as a simple boot warmer or shoe warmer in the morning lets you step into warm footwear to start your day off right. Great for winter gloves and work gloves too. Use for hats, helmets, socks, soccer cleats, football cleats, lacrosse cleats, and other accessories.

Directions: Position base unit. Attach tube extenders to dry longer items. Plug power cord into standard 120V household outlet. Place wet items (boots, shoes, gloves, hats, etc.) over drying tubes. Unplug, fold and store in convenient place when finished.


1. Unplug when not in use.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Place base unit on solid, flat, stable surface while using.

4. Keep all vents and air ducts open and unobstructed while using.

5. Use only as intended for drying footwear and accessories.

6. Drying tubes may be hot when in use.

7. Let unit cool before storing.


1. Power 120V AC household outlet

2. Temperature 98-110 F?; heater 36 watts

3. Assembled Size 21" x 10 " x 10"

4. Weight 2 lbs

5. Cord length 60"

6. ETL listed for product testing

7. Warranty 2 yrs (normal use)

Use on: shoes, boots, gloves, hats, accessories

Safe for: leather, PVC, rubber, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, cloth, fleece, felt, micro, modern fabrics

100% Guarantee Seal


If you’re not satisfied for ANY REASON, simply call or email us for a replacement or refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review


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