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FootMatters Metal Shoe Horn 7.5 inch Durable Easy-grip Shoe Horn - No More struggling to Put Shoes on

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What Is FootMatters Metal Portable Shoehorn?

It is a curved instrument designed to assist you sliding your heel into your shoe.
Our shoehorn is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to put on their shoes with ease.

What Are The Benefits Of Using FootMatters Metal Portable Shoehorn?

 No more struggling to put on your shoes! With the assistance of our shoehorn you can easily 

slide your heel into your shoe saving you time in your morning routine. Our shoehorn can
save the back of your shoe from damage caused by forcing your heel into a shoe.
Good for dress shoes or other shoes with fragile backs.

FootMatters Metal Portable Shoehorn Features.

 - Our portable 7.5 inch shoehorn is designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing efficiency. 

- FootMatters Shoehorn has a precise curve that is designed to work with most all shoes.
- Made from durable metal and will not break easily.

FootMatters Manufacturer Guarantee!

100% Money back - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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  • Includes 2 shoehorns
  • Perfect for Traveling and Storage
  • Wide Contoured End for Sturdy and Easy Usage. Good for Large, Medium, to Smaller Feet
  • Perfect for Men, Women, Children, Seniors, and the Elderly
  • 100% Money back - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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