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FOOTMATTERS Premium Shoe Stretcher - Shoe Widener & Expander for Women & Men with Tight Shoes


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Tired of painful, tight-fitting shoes? FootMatters Professional Premium Shoe Stretchers are durable with strong ABS plastic and a Steel shaft that will last a lifetime. FootMatters Shoe Stretchers can help you find relief from foot pain caused by tight-fitting shoes and high heels. Adjust the tension wherever you need it in: widen the toe box, increase height in the tongue, instep area, or midsole, or lengthen the calf and heel area. The included bunion plugs and vamp instep hightener pads help to get a more precise stretch in the targeted areas that need it most. Bonus shoe horn helps to put shoes on without damaging the heel. Bonus shoe bag helps to keep dust and moisture off your shoes when you are not wearing them and it helps to keep dirt off your other articles of clothing when packing shoes in your suitcase. Works great when used with FootMatters Shoe Stretch Spray for quicker results.


  • 4-Way Professional Shoe Stretchers - Widen and Lengthen your tight-fitting shoes and high heels. Adjustable in every way. Increase shoe width, length, and instep height.
  • Foot Pain Relief - Make your favorite shoes comfortable again. Stretch tight areas to relieve pain caused by bunions, calluses, corns, and other foot issues that cause pressure on your wide feet.
  • Works For All Shoe Styles - FootMatters shoe shapers are perfect for use with leather, suede, and man-made footwear materials used on flats, high heels, stilettos, loafers, oxfords, tennis shoes, slippers, sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes, sandals, and some ankle boots (Not for high top boots. Use our Boot Stretcher for high boots.)
  • Size: Shoe Stretcher Small - For US Women's 5.5-11
  • Includes - Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, 2 Shoe Stretchers, 8 Bunion Plugs, 2 Heighten Vamp Pads, a Shoe Horn, and a Shoe Bag.
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