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FootMatters Stabilizer Support Orthotic Insoles - Arch Support, Metatarsal and Heel Cradle


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stabilizer orthotic insoles green sport athletic arch supportSupport Orthotics are specially designed orthotic insoles for men's and women's footwear. Our Orthotics provide arch support and absorbing material that help prevent plantar fasciitis, flat foot pain, shin splints, common foot pain, heel pain, and lower back pain. The Stabilizer Insoles are ideal for active people who enjoy running, walking, hiking, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. The Stabilizer Insoles are made from anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, and odor repelling materials. Just slip the Stabilizer Insoles into your shoes and start running! Nylon shell provides a supportive yet flexible foundation for your foot as you walk or run. The polyester fabric is breathable to circulate air throughout your shoe and ventilate your foot. Arch support distributes weight properly, preventing foot pain and providing better balance. Gel heel insert absorbs heel and metatarsal shock. The upper carriage is molded polyurethane to absorb your foot's weight and cushion its step. Contoured heel cup anchors heel.

  • SIZING US Women 6-8.5, US Men 5-7.5; UK Women 5-7.5, UK Men 4-6.5; EU 37/40
  • REDUCE IMPACT Designed With Gel Heel Insert Plug And Polyurethane Materials To Absorbs Shock
  • BREATHABLE INSOLE Circulate Air Throughout Your Shoe & Ventilate Your Foot
  • ARCH SUPPORT Distributes Weight Properly, Preventing Lower Extremity Pain, Providing Better Balance & Posture
  • STABILIZES With Ridged Blue Nylon Shell & Deep Heel Gel Cup Support
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