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Jobsite Boot Scrubber - Outdoor Shoe Scraper Cleaner Brush - Extra Wide


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Jobsite Boot Scrubber - Outdoor Shoe Scraper Cleaner Brush - Extra Wide

The JobSite Extra Wide Boot and Shoe Cleaner is the secret to keeping your floors clean. Less dirt, mud, and sand coming into your home means less being tracked around and less to clean up. Spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love. This versatile cleaning brush can be used with or without mounting hardware. Its heavy-duty construction is durable enough to withstand outdoor weather elements. Place it outside of an entryway, on a porch, in a garage, or use outside of a truck or RV. Our shoe scraper is perfect for those who have backyard chickens, horses, or other livestock. Place outside of a barn or chicken coop and clean your boots after mucking stalls or doing chores. The outdoor brush is also great for getting grass clippings off of golf shoes, soccer cleats, sneakers, work boots, and even bare feet. Our extra wide scrubber design accommodates large and oversize boots while still maintaining maximum scrubbing power. Please note that the scrubber is designed to fit snugly- it should be hard to get your shoes in the brush. This friction and force is what gives the scrubber the force to fling off mud, sand, dirt, dust, snow, grass, burs, goatheads, sandburs, and more. The metal frame and composite sides are rugged and solid not flimsy, yet it's small enough to be portable- taken in a car, truck, semi, pickup, rv, or motorhome.
  • NO MOUNTING REQUIRED: Side step plates keep it in place without bolting down
  • EXTRA WIDE: Wide design can fit large boots
  • BUILT TO LAST: Heavy Duty high density composite molded plastic sides & welded metal frame make this scraper able to withstand all weather elements without rotting or cracking
  • ALL WEATHER: Other brands use wood edges that rot and crack when they get wet or exposed to extreme heat and cold, our heavy duty plastic edges will not
  • TRUSTED BRAND: We guarantee our product will be the best you have ever owned or we will provide a full refund
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