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JobSite Glove Dryer Attachment Tubes - Dry Gloves and Mittens Quickly - Compatible with JobSite Boot Dryers - 1 pair

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Take advantage of the JobSite Glove Dryer Attachment Tubes that are built to dry your gloves and mittens swiftly and efficiently. Designed to work flawlessly with JobSite brand boot dryers, these glove attachment tubes are a must-have for every family. The JobSite glove dry tubes work perfectly with the JobSite Silent Dry Boot Dryer and the JobSite Mighty Dry Boot Dryer, ensuring your gloves & mitens are ready to wear in no time. The JobSite Glove Dryer Attachment Tubes are a great addition to your winter gear, working seamlessly with your boot dryer. For those who love sports and being outside in wet conditions every day. Experience the convenience of the JobSite Glove Dryer Attachment Tubes. Whether you're drying your gloves, mittens, boots, or garments, these tubes are easy to attach and remove. The JobSite tubes are the perfect combination of efficiency and convenience, making them an indispensable part of your home.

  • USE WITH - JobSite brand boot dryers including the Silent Boot Dryer & the Mighty Dry Boot Dryer.
  • DRY FASTER - Our glove dryer attachments provide a uniquely designed airflow channel to dry gloves from cuff to fingertip for a faster dry.
  • COZY DRY EVERY MORNING - Put your hands into warm, dry gloves or mittens every morning.
  • GREAT FOR ALL STYLES & MATERIALS - Snowboard gloves, ski gloves, work gloves, leather gloves, wool gloves, neoprene gloves, rubber gloves & more.
  • TRUSTED BRAND - Includes a 2-Year Warranty. Built tough like you by 'The Brand That Works'.


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