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JobSite Portable Mini-Dry Shoe & Boot Dryer & Warmer


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Jobsite Portable Mini-Dry Shoe & Boot Dryer is the perfect travel companion to keep your footwear dry on the go. It is small and compact for easy travel or home use. It can fit easily into a backpack, coat pocket, car compartment, drawer or any other small space. It includes an adaptor for use in either a vehicle 12V plug or a standard US house electrical outlet 110-120V. Keeping your footwear dry is important for your foot health, comfort, and extending the life of your footwear. Dry footwear prevents odors that are caused by the growth of bacteria in wet and sweaty conditions of your footwear. Mold and mildew can also grow in the damp conditions of your footwear, which can lead to irritated skin and rotting footwear. Keeping your footwear dry will prevent these harmful molds and bacteria from growing. A perfect accessory for those who like to ski, snowboard, hike, hunt, fish, snowmobile, and any other cold, wet activity that leaves your boots and shoes damp. Also a perfect on the go tool for those who work outside in wet conditions, you can keep it in your vehicle and warm your shoes and boots during your breaks or travel between locations. Jobsite offers a 100% Manufacturer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you are unhappy with your product, contact us and we will make it right with you.

  • Dual Power - Can use either vehicle plug 12V or house electrical outlet 110-120V
  • Simple and compact for travel or home use, fits easily into a backpack or coat pocket
  • Helps prevent odors from sweat and bacteria
  • Help eliminate mold and mildew that can irritate skin and rot footwear
  • 100% Manufacturer Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Guarantee Seal


If you’re not satisfied for ANY REASON, simply call or email us for a replacement or refund.


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