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JobSite Premium Leather Lotion Softener & Conditioner- Cleans, Polishes, Protects - 8 oz


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JobSite Premium Leather Lotion Softener & Conditioner

JobSite leather lotion is our premium formula lotion for use on leather and other leather like materials.

You rub the lotion into leather to restore and protect it.

What Are The Benefits Of Using JobSite Leather Lotion?

Extending the life of all types of leather. Restoring the luster of older leather, and softening new leather.

Protecting your leather! Our lotion penetrates deeply into the leathers pores to restore its shine,

help prevent cracking, and aids in resisting water and moisture.

JobSite leather lotion’s formula has been skillfully crafted to moisturize and promote flexibility

making your leather look and feel beautiful!

What Can JobSite Leather Lotion Be Used On?

All Color Leather Including White, Vinyl, Exotic Leathers, Reptile Leather, Jackets

Furniture, Auto Upholstery, Luggage, Briefcases, Gun Cases, Saddlery Boots, Shoes, Purse, Belt, Baseball Gloves, Safety Gloves

How To Apply Leather Lotion.

Apply with a clean soft cloth. Let dry and buff lightly.

Not for use on suede, Nubuck or napped materials.

May darken some leather; original color typically returns in time. Test indiscrete area first.

  • All purpose polish cleans, protects and conditions your favorite leather and vinyl.
  • Helps resist water, cracking and salt spotting.
  • Gives leather a smooth soft finish and keep natural luster of leather. Use on all colors including white.
  • Ideal for leather and vinyl, boots, shoes, purse, belt, luggage, furniture and more!
  • 100% Money back - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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